Action & Events

Tell Governor Jindal to Revoke the Outlaw Shrimper’s Permit & Enforce Federal TEDs laws

August 5, 2014

Federal laws to protect sea turtles in Louisiana waters are being willfully unenforced by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. A culture of outlaw shrimping has ensued, endangering untold numbers of endangere...

Keep Sea Turtles Safe in the South China Sea and Beyond!

May 20, 2014

Please sign our petition and call on Secretary John Kerry to impose trade sanctions on all nations that violate international laws protecting sea turtles!

Pacific Leatherback Conservation Pledge

November 26, 2013

The Pacific leatherback sea turtle is now California's official marine reptile, and forever a symbol of the state's natural history and conservation ethic. The state of California has designated Octob...


The Summer Salmon Institute Goes Swimmingly

August 19, 2014

Thanks to Turtle Island Restoration Network's hard work, and funding provided by the NOAA BWET grant, this years Summer Salmon Institute was a huge su...

Cocos Island Marine Protected Area Sky Patrol Project

August 8, 2014

Schools of hammerhead sharks, Silky, Galapagos and Tiger sharks, and gentle sea turtles abound in the waters surrounding Cocos Island National Marine ...

Concurso de Fotos bilingüe, sin costo, educa al público acerca de las Tortugas Marinas Laúd del Pacífico de California.

July 29, 2014

Turtle Island Restoration Network y California Coastal Conservancy están patrocinando el concurso bilingüe ‘Sé un Héroe de las Tortugas Marinas ...

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