Action & Events

Justice for Jairo Mora

November 7, 2014

Sign our petition calling on the Costa Rican government to bring justice for sea turtle conservationist Jairo Mora and convict those responsible for this reprehensible crime. Failure to do so could ha...

Save Sperm Whales & Sea Turtles from the Secret Drift Net Massacre Off Our California Coast

October 10, 2014

Tell the Pacific Fisheries Management Council that you care about endangered sperm whales and sea turtles. Ask them to close this deadly drift net fishery once and for all.

Tell Texas to Save Sea Turtles in the Aftermath of the BP Oil Spill

September 10, 2014

Four years after the devastating Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill, Federal Judge Carl Barbier, has ruled BP was "grossly negligent" in their actions. Unfortunately, the Kemp’s ridley, was hit the hard...


‘Gina’ Goes on Journey: From Cocos Island to Golfo Dulce

March 31, 2015

Whoever said turtles were slow clearly never met Gina the green sea turtle.  Between February 1 and February 22, Gina, a juvenile sea turtle

Endangered Gulf of Mexico Sea Turtles Splash into Jindal’s Presidential Bid

March 26, 2015

Conservation groups are taking a hard look at Gov. Bobby Jindal’s environmental record in advance of his expected campaign announcement in June[1]. ...

Louisiana’s No Friend to Sea Turtles

March 24, 2015

For those of us who have been lucky enough to watch a giant sea turtle lumber ashore and lay her eggs, or seen baby

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