Are you a whale watcher? Do you know you can help track whales by reporting when you see them!

The following is advice from Michael Carver about how to help track whales by reporting whale sightings:

Large numbers of endangered whales are being observed along the California coastline.

Voluntary vessel speed reduction zones are currently in effect for the San Francisco and Santa Barbara traffic separation schemes (TSS). Advisories and maps are attached and included in the recent District Eleven Local Notice to Mariners. Port agents, please refer to LNTM and alert captains when requests to slow down are in place. Mariners, please read and comply with LNTM.

NOAA is asking for your help tracking whales. Here are ways that you can help:

1. Report whale sightings via WhaleAlert or email Also report sightings via VHF radio to other mariners. Please record the date and location, the number of whales, the species (if known) and a description of the animals.

2. Read and distribute the attached materials to captains, crews, ships, and agents. If you or others in your network would like printed copies of the materials for posting on the bridge of ships or elsewhere, email

3. Report injured, distressed, entangled or dead whale sightings to (877) SOS-WHALe [767-9425] or U.S. Coast Guard, VHF Channel 16.

4. Be aware of recent whale sightings by checking out Whale Alert West Coast. Maps depicting recent sightings in the San Francisco and Channel Islands regions are available.

Thank you for reading ‘Make Way for Whales’ and for your help tracking and protecting whales in the area.