So Delicious Dairy Free to Award $30,000 to best ideas that protect the planet – What’s your idea to save marine wildlife?

Eugene, OR, April 21, 2015 – Dedicated to making the world a better place, So Delicious Dairy Free is bringing back the world’s shortest grant application – #140Difference. Starting on Earth Day, the company will award $30,000 in various grant amounts to clever social media users who pitch their idea in 140 characters or less.

Fans can submit ideas to help people, animals or the planet via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. To be eligible, submissions must include #140Difference and tag @So_Delicious.  Each day, a committee at So Delicious Dairy Free will select one winner to receive micro-grants ranging from $140 to $3,500 to cover the cost of their project.  Larger grants will be awarded at the end of each week, and winners of daily prizes will still be eligible for larger weekly grants.

 “We believe small ideas can have a big impact. In 140 characters or less – the length of a Tweet – we want our fans to share their creative ideas to help improve the well-being of people, animals and the environment,” said Brittany Horn, advocacy marketing manager for So Delicious Dairy Free. “We’re thrilled to bring the #140Difference campaign back with more funding and to open the campaign to more causes.”

Last year, So Delicious Dairy Free awarded a total of $15,000 to 17 individuals and nonprofits to fund planet-friendly projects ranging from community gardens to bike-powered, youth-driven community composting.

This year, the company will reward inspiring ideas, both large and small, from individuals, social entrepreneurs or organizations.  As an environmentally and socially conscious company, they are looking for ideas that can make a big impact in areas of plant-based foods, animal welfare, and environmental conservation and sustainability.

The #140Difference campaign kicks off Wednesday, April 22, 2014 for Earth Day and will run through Tuesday, May 12th.

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