Green-turtle-wavingOn this World Turtle Day we want to show our love of turtles and share how Turtle Island Restoration Network works to protect endangered turtles and all marine wildlife, save critical ecosystems, and encourage positive government action.

On World Turtle Day, May 23, we strive to increase awareness of turtles and draw attention to our efforts to create environments where they will thrive.

Turtle Island Restoration Network began in 1987 when Executive Director and wildlife activist Todd Steiner went to Nicaragua to learn more about a cutting-edge sea turtle conservation program that sought to engage local coastal communities in long-term preservation efforts to save sea turtles.

More about Turtle Island’s beginnings

Over the years, Turtle Island has become a leading advocate for the world’s oceans and marine wildlife. Turtle Island focuses on two main areas:

1) Protecting oceans and marine wildlife, and 2) Saving California’s endangered coho salmon.

Turtle Island’s Gulf of Mexico Office and our Sea Turtle Restoration Project work to protect and restore populations of endangered sea turtles and marine biodiversity on the Texas Coast and throughout the Gulf.

More about Turtle Island’s accomplishments

We couldn’t do our work without support from Turtle Island members, and the generous donations you make. You can continue to help us by making a tax-deductible donation to Turtle Island Restoration Network on our secure donation page. Your gifts support our work for sea turtles, dolphins and marine wildlife around the globe!