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July 2007

Beach lighting a big problem for sea turtle hatchlings

By Sea Turtles

More and more new homes and condominiums are going up on Texas beaches which attracts not only tourists, developers and homebuilders but wildlife as well including the endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtles. With the slow recovery of this magnificent marine animal, nesting Kemp’s ridleys are now seen each spring and summer from far south Texas north to the beaches of Galveston Island.

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Tribal Villagers Demand Stop to Deep Sea Mining in Pacific

By Marine Mammals & Seabirds, Sea Turtles

Bababag Island, Papua New Guinea – This week tribal villagers from Bagabag Island in Madang Province called on the government and all exploration and mining companies doing business in Papua New Guinea to stop pushing for the sea bed mining, a controversial new mining method. The villagers formally lodged their concerns and protests by running an advertisement in the national paper.

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