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April 2012

Illinois State Senator Champions Shark Fin Bill with Support from Shark Stewards

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Illinois State Senator Champions Shark Fin Bill with Support from Shark Stewards. Situated on the largest body of fresh surface water on the planet, Chicago has no sharks swimming in its waters, but this has not deterred Illinois citizens from advocating on their behalf. House Bill 4119, sponsored by Rep. Sara Feigenholtz (D-Chicago), would ban the sale, trade, distribution or possession of shark fins. The bill, which recently passed in the Illinois House with an 81-33 vote, is moving through the legislative process with new leadership from the Illinois Senate Senator Antonio Muñoz. The proposed law just passed through the Illinois Senate Environment Committee, bringing it closer to the Governor’s signature.

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Diverse Groups Rebuff Litigation Against SPAWN

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San Francisco – The First District California State Appeals Court will hear arguments Wednesday, April 11, on the legality of a tolling agreement under state environmental laws that was made between salmon protection advocates and the County of Marin in 2008 to prevent litigation. Organizations that usually line up on opposite sides of property rights disputes are lining up in opposition to the lawsuit challenging the tolling agreement filed by homeowners in San Geronimo Valley who oppose strong measures to prevent the extinction of Coho salmon in local creeks.

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