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July 2012

Got Mercury Files Lawsuit with the FDA to Protect Americans From Mercury in Fish

By Got Mercury?

SAN FRANCISCO— Environmental and consumer organizations filed a lawsuit today challenging the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s failure to implement stricter standards to protect the public from mercury in seafood. The lawsuit seeks a response to a 2011 petition for rules requiring seafood sellers to post signs about the danger of mercury in fish, improved health advisories for people most at-risk from mercury exposure and more stringent mercury limits for FDA-approved seafood.

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SPAWN Launches New UC Collaborative California Naturalist Training

By Uncategorized

West Marin is focus of state-wide Naturalist skills training course. Marin County, CA- The Salmon Protection and Watershed Network (SPAWN) is offering a new training course in partnership with the University of California (UC) to train the next generation of skilled naturalists in California. The course will be taught in Corte Madera by a team of expert naturalists, and focuses on the geology, biodiversity, and rare species (including the Bay Area’s critically endangered coho salmon) in the Lagunitas Creek watershed and the Point Reyes peninsula in West Marin County

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Historic Illinois Legislation Protects Sharks

By Sharks

Governor Pat Quinn Signed House Bill 4119 into Law Today, Making Illinois the First Inland State to Ban Shark Fins. Illinois is now the fourth State in the continental U.S. and the second largest to ban the sale, trade, possession, and distribution of shark fins. Illinois provides one of the largest markets for shark fins in the United States, and this law represents a significant step towards reducing pressure on rapidly declining shark populations.

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