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September 2012

Tuna Surprise: Mercury in School Tuna

By Got Mercury?

A new study released today warns schools that they may be serving tuna that is hazardous to children’s health. The Tuna Surprise report, released by health advocacy groups Mercury Policy Project (MPP) and Clean Water Action, examined the mercury levels of canned tuna sold to schools and assessed children’s exposure from the canned meat.

Canned tuna is the largest source of methylmercury in the average American diet and accounts for nearly one-third of total exposure to the toxic mercury compound, the report said.

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Superior Court Judge Hands Down Final Judgment on Streamside Development to Protect Endangered Coho Salmon in Marin County’s San Geronimo Valley

By Uncategorized

San Rafael– Superior Court judge, Lynn Duryee, issued her final order today, ordering Marin County to stop issuing development approvals within 100 feet of streams in West Marin’s San Geronimo Valley, which harbors the largest remaining run of critically endangered coho salmon in Central California, until the County adopts a new Stream Area Conservation Ordinance.

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