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February 2015

En Route to Cocos Island (Day 1)

By Sea Turtles, Sharks

I’m en route to Cocos Island, Costa Rica with Turtle Island Restoration Network. Our goal is to try and figure out where endangered sea turtles and sharks that visit the Island swim, and then try and create the world’s first international swimway to protect these underwater superhighways used by these animals during their migrations.

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Following HEART: How a Houston-area Elementary School Helped the Kemp Ridley’s

By Gulf Education & Outreach, Sea Turtles

HEART (Help Endangered Animals-Ridley Turtles) began at Oak Creek Elementary school (now Reynolds Elementary) near Houston in 1982.

As the HEART Founder, I kept records showing what school children contributed to help the Kemp’s ridley sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico that were on the brink of extinction. A number of students were chosen by the principal to form the first HEART Council and look for ways to help the Kemp’s ridleys.

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