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March 2015

Juvenile Green Sea Turtle ‘Gina’ Migrates More than 310 Miles from Cocos Island to Golfo Dulce

By Cocos Island Research Expedition, Gulf Education & Outreach, Sea Turtles

A green turtle (Chelonia mydas) that was tagged in Cocos Island National Park travelled more than 310 miles in 21 days to seek refuge in the Golfo Dulce of Costa Rica, establishing the first proof of biological connectivity between these two important marine ecosystems.

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SPAWN’s Smolt Monitoring Program

By Gulf Education & Outreach, Summer Salmon Institute

SPAWN’s smolt monitoring program began about 10 years ago as a way to measure the health of endangered fish populations in San Geronimo Creek – an important tributary to Lagunitas Creek. Monitoring the population of coho smolts is an extremely important gauge for the population as a whole because it indicates how well the baby salmon fared over the winter.

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Shark Fin Rock, Marvelous Manta Rays & Pirate Lore (Day 7)

By Cocos Island Research Expedition, Marine Mammals & Seabirds, Sea Turtles

And that’s when we met an endangered Giant Manta Ray. Giant Manta Rays are the largest of all species of Rays and are instantly recognizable underwater by their size and horn-like features (which is why they are also known raya diablo). The Ray came from the blue and gave us a show – flapping its wings and gliding with such power and grace that we had no

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