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October 2015

Original Art at Our Lagunitas Intern House

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SPAWN received an original Clara Phildius Simon Bass sculpture. The work of art titled ‘Moses’ now stands by the entrance of SPAWN’s Lagunitas Intern House. The sculpture will greet current and future SPAWN interns who come from around the country to live in Marin and work with SPAWN to protect salmon.

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How to Track a Shark

By Sharks

Turtle Island interviewed shark scientist Dr. Alex Hearn to learn more about the art of tagging and tracking sharks in order to learn more about their migrations, birthing habitats and behavior.

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Oct. 15th is Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtle Conservation Day

By Sea Turtles

Today is Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtle Conservation Day. “Critically endangered” Pacific leatherback sea turtles not only face danger from California drift gillnets and longlines in Hawaii, but also from crabbing nets. Just last month, scientists and whale watchers found a dead Pacific leatherback sea turtle floating near the Farallon Islands off the coast of Northern California. The rare sea turtle appeared to have been strangled by a crab trap (read more here).

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