We’ve reached a critical moment to take action for endangered sea turtles, whales, dolphins, sharks, and the very health of our oceans. But we can’t do it alone. From keeping an eye out for pollution in the environment to using reusable bags, there are many actions we can take as individuals to help create a healthy planet for us all. We’ve put together five ways to be ocean-friendly in 2021 to help you get started, but the list could go on and on! If you’re planning on making changes in your life to better the future of the ocean, endangered marine species and future generations, we want to hear from you! Share your goals by emailing us at action@seaturtles.org!

1) Have No Excuse for Single Use

Help lead the effort in being environmentally conscious and preventing the pollution of our ocean. Disposable plastic bags contribute heavily to disrupting the environment. With its long degradation time—it can take hundreds of years—single use plastic bags pollute the environment and become hazards to wildlife.

Using reusable bags helps cut down on pollution and at the same time, you can look good while doing it. This tote bag from our store is a smart-looking choice for a smart decision to help be environmentally friendly. We have stainless steel straw kits, too!

2) Adopt a Sea Turtle Nest

All around the world, nesting beaches and baby sea turtles are threatened by predators, poachers, rising sea levels and other threats. Climate change is causing overheating in nests can kill nestling turtles or skew sex ratios to produce mostly female hatchlings. Plastic pollution and marine debris block hatchlings on their journey to the ocean, and when they are older they can mistake plastic for food. Here at TIRN, we fight everyday to ensure sea turtles and their hatchlings are protected, and you can help by Adopting a Sea Turtle Nest. When you donate, you receive a certificate of adoption and more!

3) Know What’s Going On

The world of conservation can be a fast-paced place, with new developments occurring everyday. For instance, this past month, legislation and lawsuits have been at the forefront of environmental issues. We shared the news about the presidential veto of a bill that aimed to phase out the use of large mesh drift gillnets in the federal waters off the coast of California, the only place the nets are still used in the United States. 

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4) Show You Care

Display your support! Let people know that you care for the environment and make it known you want to protect marine wildlife and the oceans and inland watersheds that sustain them. Our shark tees, sea turtle totes, straw kits and more are a great way to support us and our mission at the same time by rocking some of our gear! Go to seaturtles.org/shop.  

5) Clean Up, Get Out and About

Our vital waterways and marine environments are being inundated with litter. Every effort in cleaning the environment helps. Not only is picking up trash along creeks and beaches good for the planet, it’s good for you too. During this pandemic, it’s a safe outdoor activity to participate in and gives you a chance to get some fresh air!