Bolt Seymour is a habitat restoration technician with Turtle Island Restoration Network’s SPAWN program, directly supporting the planning, designing, implementation and monitoring of riparian restoration projects. After receiving a B.S. in environmental science from Allegheny College in May, he started working at SPAWN to gain valuable hands on experience in the field of conservation. Bolt hopes this experience will act as a stepping stone towards his goal of becoming (the most spectacular restoration ecologist in all of the land).

With direction from the head biologist, Bolt manages the maintenance of up to a dozen restoration sites throughout the watershed supporting the establishment of at least 100 redwood seedlings during his time here. Beyond restoration site maintenance, Bolt’s problem solving skills have been put to good use, updating nursery structures, implementing creative pest management solutions, and developing complex irrigation systems. Each week Bolt also supports the organization’s general needs ranging from managing volunteer events, propagation in our nursery, to gaining public supporting for habitat protection and policy change.