The fight to protect sea turtles, whales and sacred lands from the fossil fuel frenzy being led by Chevron and BP and other Big Oil gained new support in the San Francisco Bay Area last week. Teri Shore of Turtle Island Restoration Network set up outreach events and booked media interviews this week for Joshua Coates of The Wilderness Society of Western Australia and Niel McKenzie of Save the Kimberley. They told their story to Amy on the KPFA Morning Show in Berkeley at 8:30 am. (Hear the program, scroll through to find the interview.)

With BP fouling the Gulf of Mexico with oil and Chevron expanding its natural gas exploration in Northwestern Australia, it is critical that we form international coalitions to demand an end to oil drilling and spilling – and a real commitment to cleaner renewable energy.

Join our call to President Obama to end new offshore drilling in U. S. waters and to Chevron’s Board of Directors to stop building in sea turtle habitat.