Big Nasty Broom!

By May 23, 2008Uncategorized

SPAWN’s volunteers have been recently removing the invasive Scotch Broom on the property of Giacomini along San Geronimo Creek. This site is heavily covered with invasives and volunteers are now trying to remove all of them. As soon as these invasives are cleared, there will be space ready for the planting of a variety of native plants (Douglas Fir, Redwoods, Alders, ect.)

Volunteers have come across many interesting species along our rampage of removal. Kevin found a ring neck snake, which he showed to all of the other volunteers that day. Many birds join in the restoration activities with their wonderful songs.

Bill, Mel, and Jenny entertain the group with many smiles as they talk of what the site will look like when the work is done. Tackling each individual invasive is not always easy when the evil poison oak is in the way!