What’s the meaning of #BUOYCOTT?

You’ve probably seen our new boycott hashtag pop up on social media recently, and you’ll be seeing it more and more as our campaign grows. But what do buoys have to do with sustainably caught swordfish? geartype8

Meet the deep-set buoy...

A sustainable fishing gear that’s changing the swordfish market for the better! While many sustainably-minded fishermen are already using harpoons to catch swordfish, the deep-set buoy is relatively new and is just starting to make waves in the fishing industry. Operated deep below the surface where swordfish are likely to be found, the deep-set buoy allows fishermen to respond quickly to each individual catch, meaning that any other sea animals accidentally caught can be immediately released alive with minimal harm. Because of the individual catch technique, the deep-set buoy has virtually no bycatch rate (the number of other animals caught along with the target species), which makes it an extremely eco-friendly gear! Deep-set buoy fishermen have reported a 94% marketable catch rate of swordfish, while in drift gillnets, swordfish make up only 12% of the total catch. Drift gillnets and longlines also have shockingly high bycatch rates worldwide, and the California drift gillnet fishery is one of the highest bycatch fisheries in the entire country. To stop the slaughter, the solution is simple. #BUOYCOTT is all about ending sales of unsustainably-caught swordfish in restaurants and markets, and encouraging fishermen to make the switch from deadly drift gillnets and longlines to sustainable deep-set buoys and harpoons. By using our hashtag, you’re not only standing up against unsustainably caught swordfish, but providing a solution to the problem!
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