The Hawaii Longline fishery set 45.4 million baited hooks in 2012, targeting swordfish and tuna, but also capturing, killing and/or injuring at least 11 species of whales and dolphins, several species of protected seabirds, and four species of threatened and endangered sea turtles.

The United States government categorizes the Hawaii Longline fishery as a “Category One” fishery, which it defines as having “frequent incidental mortality or serious injury of marine mammals.”

Victims of this fishery include humpback, sperm and false killer whales, as well as bottlenose, spinner and common dolphins.

The Hawaii longline fleet catches millions of non-target sharks and other fish. In 2012, the Hawaii longline fleet caught 64,481 sharks, but kept only 2 percent of them – the remaining bycatch was thrown back injured or dead.

Join us in demanding reforms to this fishery to ensure protected species such as sea turtles, whales and dolphins are not also injured in the pursuit of swordfish and tuna.