Habitat Restoration

Each year, SPAWN volunteers contribute hundreds of hours towards restoring streamside habitat in our community throughout the Lagunitas Creek Watershed.

Volunteers (including students, biologists, and citizens from across the Bay Area) work to restore and re-create riparian habitat that provides much needed shade for young salmon and trout in our local waterways.

Recent restoration work has focused on replanting areas of the San Geronimo Golf Course and Samuel P. Taylor State Park. View our online map of habitat restoration sites to learn more about past projects.

Find an upcoming event here and help save our local coho salmon! 

Native Plant Nursery

Our nursery, launched in 2006, is run with the energy and passion of local community members.  Join us every Friday from 10am – 1pm to prepare seeds, sow and tend native plants ranging from ferms to redwoods. The native plants you tend will be used for local stream restoration projects!

First time volunteers are required to RSVP, to sign up and to receive directions to our nursery in Lagunitas, please email SPAWN Watershed Biologist Preston Brown at

Landowner Assistance

Local landowners play a key role in protecting our endangered salmon and maintaining the beauty of our local creeks. SPAWN provides technical consulting on erosion control and habitat improvement projects for streamside residents in the San Geronimo Valley.

Past projects have helped local landowners do everything from maintain dirt roads that were distributing unnecessary amounts of dirt into our steams to design environmentally friendly erosion controls.

SPAWN also responds to many calls from concerned citizens about problems or emergencies that impact our streams and rivers. Our staff and volunteers respond to these calls and help refer problems to the appropriate agencies if necessary or find ways to prevent or repair the problem. Learn more here.