Turtle Island Restoration Network has been researching microplastics in the Galveston area for two years, revealing exorbitant amounts of microplastic nurdles and fragments along the beach.

TIRN is working with other partners along the Gulf of Mexico to create a snapshot of the entire issue of microplastics in the environment. Locally, we are expanding our research with the help of Moody Gardens, Galveston College, Ball High School, O’Connell College Preparatory, and Oppe Elementary.

We will sample five sites around Galveston Island monthly, for two years, in an attempt to understand how these areas accumulate various types of microplastics and the impacts of differing weather conditions, watersheds, currents and population changes.

With wide-ranging community outreach, this program will educate and inspire the public to help TIRN advocate for policy change and on a personal level, make lifestyle alterations to help us fight to save our blue-green planet.



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VICTORY! California Protects Leatherback Sea Turtles as Endangered

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For Immediate Release, October 14, 2021 Contacts: Todd Steiner, Turtle Island Restoration Network, (415) 488-7652, TSteiner@SeaTurtles.org Catherine Kilduff, Center for Biological Diversity, (202) 780-8862, CKilduff@BiologicalDiversity.org California Protects Leatherback Sea Turtles…

Biden Restores Protections to East Coast’s Only Marine National Monument

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