Our innovative restoration projects create and maintain a tremendous impact on local watersheds, endangered wildlife, and people.

Remedying the impacts human development has had on natural landscapes is significant to the recovery of endangered species like Coho salmon, and to the natural function and sustainability of critical habitats like streams.

Not only do SPAWN’s restoration efforts directly benefit species recovery, water quality improvement, healthy watersheds and ultimately the health of our Bay Area ecosystems, wildlife and people, it facilitates hands-on community habitat restoration and volunteerism, and fosters an educated local conservation community for students, early career environmental professionals and other community members while attaining the major project goals.

For the past decade, SPAWN’s habitat restoration projects have:



Had the help of

Current Restoration Projects

Lagunitas Creek Floodplain & Riparian Restoration Project

Our largest habitat restoration project yet is reforesting a one-mile stretch of Lagunitas Creek on Golden Gate National Recreation Area lands to provide refuge for juvenile endangered Coho salmon and other threatened species. Learn more>

10,000 Redwoods

Propagating coast redwoods and native companion plants to reforest Lagunitas Creek and sequester carbon. Learn more>

San Geronimo Golf Course

Several projects on this 110-acre site in prime Coho and steelhead spawning habitat includes partial removal of fish barrier, enhancement of riparian habitat through native plantings, storm water management, and removal of alien species. Learn more>

Redimix Concrete Plant

At the confluence of Nicasio and Lagunitas Creeks, we are restoring floodplains on a portion of this abandoned ready-mixed concrete plant. Learn more>

Landowner & Homeowner Assistance

SPAWN provides technical consulting on erosion control and habitat improvement projects for streamside residents in the San Geronimo Valley. Learn more>

Get Involved!

Each year, SPAWN contributes hundreds of hours towards restoring streamside habitat in our community throughout the Lagunitas Creek Watershed – and we couldn’t do it without our volunteers!

We invite volunteers of all backgrounds (including students, families, biologists, scout groups and people from across the Bay Area) to restore and re-create riparian habitat that provides much needed shade for young salmon and trout in our local waterways.

Please visit our event calendar to see our upcoming habitat restoration events. If you are interested in more details or would like to schedule a group outing, please contact Preston Brown, our watershed conservation director, at preston@seaturtles.org or (415) 663-8590 ext. 3.

Upcoming Events