Photo by Shmulik Blum
Photo by Shmulik Blum

Join us on an scuba diving research expedition to Cocos Island National Park, Costa Rica to tag sea turtles (and sharks) to understand their migrations.  This data will be used to advocate for a protected swimways between this important sub-adult foraging area and the species nesting sites along the coasts of Central and South America and the Galapagos Islands.

Cocos Island National Park in Costa Rica is known worldwide as an ocean haven for spectacular sharks, rare sea turtles, whales and abundant marine wildlife.

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Located 350 miles off the coast of Costa Rica, even this remote U.N. World Heritage Site has not stopped commercial fishers from invading these treasured waters to set illegal hooks and lines in ruthless pursuit of, tuna and other big fish that are quickly disappearing from the open ocean.

Turtle Island is working to understand the value and limits of this no-fishing marine protected area, ensure improved protection from illegal fishing activity, as well as advocate for protected swimways for sea turtles and sharks along their migration routes to and from Cocos Island. Research has already indicated that green and leatherback turtles, and hammerhead and silky sharks are moving between Cocos and Galapagos Islands of Ecuador.