Photo: Turtle Island Restoration Network
Photo: Turtle Island Restoration Network

Help us tell the Marin County Board of Supervisors to make salmon a priority and to take action before it is too late!


SPAWN along with 22 fishing and conservation organizations from around the Western U.S. placed a full-page ad in the Marin Independent Journal calling for strong salmon protections. See the ad at

Stream Protection

The population of Central California Coast coho salmon has declined more than 95 percent from historic levels, and are now listed as ‘endangered’ under the Federal Endangered Species Act.

Lagunitas Creek Watershed is one of the most important waterways left for these wild coho salmon, supporting 10 to 20 percent of the surviving fish.

Read Open Letter from 130 Scientists in support of coho salmon protection, and join our efforts to protect this majestic, endangered species!

Legal Action

SPAWN filed a lawsuit against the Marin County Streamside Ordinance and won.  The County was ordered to pay lawyer fees and to put in place a plan to protect the endangered coho salmon.

Take Action Now!

1.Sign a CREDO petition to Supervisors.

2. Call Supervisors at (415) 473-7331 or write a letter the Supervisors! See a draft letter and contact information here.

3. Donate to SPAWN’s Coho Defense Campaign, it’s tax-deductible and easy!

4. Help us spread the word by sharing with your friends on Facebook.

5. Join our #SaveMarinCoho photo campaign by clicking here.

Future generations will thank you for fighting to protect Marin’s coho salmon. The alternative is extinction.