Dow Jones reported this afternoon that California-based Chevron is appealing the weak environmental conditions imposed by the compliant environmental authority in Western Australia on its massive Wheatstone LNG mega-project. Seems that big, bad Chevron can’t even meet the lowest environmental bar without kicking and screaming. Read the story.

The project is getting green-lighted all the way even though it is being built on top of sea turtle and whale habitat, not to mention destroying dugong habitat, polluting the air, and trouncing on small coastal communities that are already suffering from years of oil company abuse.

I guess since Chevron didn’t have to do diddly-squat to protect anything at the nearby Barrow Island nature reserve where it is squatting its Gorgon project, why should it have to lift a finger onshore?

What’s even worse is that no reporter in the San Francisco Bay Area or the U.S. for that matter will cover Chevron’s mid-deeds and bullying in Australia, not to mention the company’s involvement in human rights abuses in the U.S., Nigeria, Ecudor, Angola, Burma, and dozens of other countries.

I think I’ll contact Earth First Journal.