Right now, heads of governments are meeting in Paris to hammer out agreements to address climate change, the most serious issue facing humanity here in the US and throughout the world

But, at the same time, paid lobbyists for polluting industries have gathered in Paris. To stymie common-sense solutions to climate change.

While not all of us can be in Paris, what we do at home as environmental activists can ultimately compel governments to act nationally and globally. What we do can counteract the influence of big money and corporations on determining the future of our planet.

On the opening days of Paris Climate Change meetings, grassroots activists demonstrated around the world at over 2,300 events spread across 175 countries to demand that negotiating parties keep fossil fuels in the ground and finance a just transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050.

Here in Marin County, California, where our headquarters are based, Turtle Island joined about 150 others on November 29th to call for climate justice and demand action by our national and local politicians!

We also used the opportunity to announce our 10,000 Redwoods Program to take local action against climate change.

Our Phase 1 of goal is to plant thousands of redwoods and other long-lived conifers to sequester carbon and cool the planet! These trees also will provide valuable habitat to a host of wildlife from our critically endangered salmon, to spotted owls, to mountain lions!

Join us by volunteering to help with our 10,000 redwood project (just email preston@tirn.net to get involved) and help us raise a redwood tree.