Coho Salmo Winter Spawning Run in Lagunitas Creek at Samuel P. Taylor State Park, Marin County, California USA

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The largest remaining run of Central California Coho Salmon

“The largest remaining run of Central California coho is found in the Bay Area, in Marin County’s Lagunitas watershed.” Coho Salmon in West Marin County – Bay Nature Institute

“SPAWN, the Salmon Protection And Watershed Network works to protect (the) endangered salmon in the Lagunitas Watershed and the environment on which we all depend.” Salmon Protection And Watershed Network

“The Lagunitas Creek Watershed (LCW), located in west Marin County, California currently supports California’s largest wild population of Central Coast coho salmon and at least its second largest population of steelhead trout. It has been identified as one of the most important waterways left for wild California coho, federally listed as endangered.”

Plan your trip to see the Coho Salmon Run in Lagunitas Creek

Carrie Sendak, Watershed Biologist at Salmon Protection and Watershed Network, said that the Coho Salmon run in Lagunitas Creek goes from “mid-November to mid-January typically, with peak two weeks (during the) last week of December (through the) first week of January.”

1. At the start of our winter rainy season it takes a few rainstorms to get enough water flowing in Lagunitas Creek to enable the fish to make their way upstream to the spawning grounds.

2. During and immediately after a rainstorm the creek will be cloudy with silt. The best time for fish viewing is 2 or more days after the last significant rainstorm. Check the recent local rainfall at Lagunitas, CA and the local weather forecast to help decide when to plan your trip to see the salmon run.

3. Call the SPAWN office (415-663-8590) for up-to-date information about when the salmon spawning run is occurring.