Coho Salmon in West Marin

By January 1, 2007Uncategorized

Since their listing as endangered in 1997, wild coho salmon have begun a slow but steady comeback to their native Central California streams. The largest remaining run of Central California coho is found in the Bay Area, in Marin County’s Lagunitas watershed. Here, stream habitats critical to the well-being of this endangered fish species are being restored by local environmental groups with the enthusiastic support of the surrounding communities. Winter rains now bring out ever-larger crowds of people eager to watch the returning salmon as they fight their way upstream, returning to their birth streams to complete their lifecycle in the watershed’s upper reaches. Features interviews with SPAWN watershed biologist Paola Bouley and creek naturalist NoahLani Litwinsella.

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Produced by Rick Bacigalupi, with production assistance from Steven Martin and Robert Ordona