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Come to Turn the Tide! in Marin County, CA on Oct. 22

An exhilarating evening of activism and inspiration to benefit youth action
Next Generation invites you to
An exhilarating evening of activism and inspiration to benefit youth action

Friday, October 22, 7 p.m. (Special Reception at 6pm)
At the Marin Center in San Rafael, CA 499.6800

What do you get when you combine live music,
spoken word, progressive organizations, and fiery
speeches by legendary activists Julia Butterfly
Hill and Randy Hayes? A historic evening that
shouldn‚t be missed.

Two weeks before the election of our lifetime,
join hundreds of fellow progressives and leading
grassroots organizations for an exhilarating
evening of activism, community, and inspiration
to celebrate sustainability, youth activism and
election victory!

World-famous eco-activist Julia Butterfly Hill
will rouse you with her passionate oratory.
Legendary environmentalist Randy Hayes will
inspire you with his powerful vision. And Bay
Area Youth Poetry Slam champion Josh Begley will
rock you with his fiery spoken word.

In addition to our star-studded line up, you‚ll
be inspired by dynamic youth and community
speakers. Celebrate to music and performance art.
And be excited by local ballot measures to ban
GMO crops from Marin County, fund education and
develop a viable public transportation system!

This event will be co-sponsored by local
progressive media and dynamic grassroots
organizations, and will feature exciting ways you
can get involved. Proceeds benefit Next
Generation, a growing grassroots organization
that promotes local youth activism through
education, leadership, organizing, and action.

Are you ready for a change? Join us and stand up
for peace, freedom, environmental justice and
genuine democracy at this historic evening of
activism and inspiration.

Friday, October 22, 7 p.m. (Special Reception at 6pm)
At the Marin Center Showcase Theater in San Rafael, CA

Tickets – $12 (Students 18 & Under $5); Reception – $35, $55 per couple
Box Office: 415.499.6800 On-line at http://www.ticketmaster.com
Event info: 415.455.9498 nextgenerationofactivists@hotmail.com


Major Partner: Pax World Fund. http://www.paxworld.com

Media Sponsor: KPFA. http://www.kpfa.org/events/index.php?#57

Local Business Sponsors:
Bedrock Music (http://bedrock-music.com)
Copy Express 454.8240
Good Earth Grocery (http://www.goodearthnaturalfoods.net)
Green Builders of Marin (http://www.greenbuildersofmarin.com)
Marin Coffee Roasters 415.258.9549
Skyward Marketing (http://www.skywardmarketingsolutions.com)

Major Organizational Sponsors:
GMO Free Marin (http://www.gmofreemarin.org)
The Sierra Club (http://www.sierraclub.org)

Organizational Co-sponsors:
Anne Frank – No More Scapegoats Exhibit (http://www.noremorescapegoats.org)
Center for Environmental Health (http://www.cehca.org)
Marin Peace and Justice Coalition (http://www.mpjc.org)
Mill Valley Seniors for Peace 388.5762
Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County
Sea Turtle Restoration Project (http://www.seaturtles.org)
Social Justice Center of Marin (http://www.socialjusticecenterofmarin.org)
Students for Social Responsibility 485.9390
The Woolman Semester (http://www.woolman.org)