Over 140 organizations, including Turtle Island Restoration Network, recently called on Congress to fund programs administered by public lands agencies to protect imperiled species. The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) and Bureau of Land management (BLM) play key roles in fighting the global extinction crisis. These two groups are responsible for approximately 20% of land in the United States, and these lands provide habitat for hundreds of threatened and endangered species, as well as thousands of sensitive species. 

Without help, the species in the lands fostered by the USFS and BLM face extinction. The programs within the USFS and BLM supporting conservation and the restoration of imperiled species are underfunded and need increased funding for these public lands agencies to address the extinction and climate crises with the necessary and appropriate urgency and scale.

The more than 140 organizations ask for more funding toward the programs that specifically address the extinction crisis and restore resilient ecosystems. Without the funding, species potentially face mass extinction events.