Defend America’s Wildlife

The United States has a long history of protecting wildlife. It is part of our heritage. It forms our identity as a global environmental leader.


From the Endangered Species Act to the Marine Mammal Protection Act, we have laws in place to protect ocean animals like sea turtles and whales. And these laws help shape global policy to protect wildlife.

But now political efforts are underway to weaken successful animal protections by defunding programs, rolling back regulations, and limiting protections

Join us in our fight to defend existing American wildlife laws and strengthen protections for our oceans.

News Stories & Updates on the Campaign:

MarchForScience_Banner  Join us at the March for Science on April 22, 2017



Trump_signs_financial_regulation_executive_order (1)

 Read about Trump Executive Order on repealing rules and how it might undermine environmental regulations



tillerson   Read Turtle Island’s position on Secretary of State Candidate Rex Tillerson >>

ScottPruitt   Read Turtle Island’s statement on EPA Administrator Candidate Scott Pruitt >>





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