Vote Turtle Island Restoration Network for the


Defender Service Award:

Outdoor Accessibility & Education Award

We are excited to announce that Turtle Island Restoration Network has been selected as one of the five nonprofit finalist for the 2023 Defender Service Outdoor Accessibility & Education Award! These Defender Service Awards recognize nonprofits across the United States and Canada, and support their future work by providing the winners with a customized Defender 130 vehicle and $25,000.

Now we need your help! With your assistance, we have the chance to bring home a customized Land Rover Defender and $25,000.This award would aid in continuing our work in the Gulf, expanding our current projects and reaching people further than we have before.

The public voting is open September 15th through October 4th. Each individual can vote once per day per category. There are six categories, with TIRN being in the Outdoor Accessibility & Education Award.

Join us by voting EVERY DAY until October 4th!

We are excited for you all to be joining us on this adventure and don’t forget to share with your friends!