BDY288Turtle Island is once again offering a diver-assisted research project to Cocos Island National Marine Park, in Costa Rica this summer. This is an enchanting habitat where schools of endangered Hammerhead and Galapagos sharks swim, and other types of large ocean wildlife enjoy a safe haven.

This is your chance to work with Turtle Island as we tag and track sharks to understand their migratory routes, and shape environmental policy in the region.

Join is this crucial conservation effort from August 4-14, 2017 and have the experience of a lifetime. Because you are volunteering your efforts, your costs may be tax-deductible. Learn more about this unique experience and join us!

Our research is getting results. Turtle Island’s satellite and acoustical tags have revealed the first evidence that sharks and sea turtles migrate through unprotected waters between island preserves. We are using this data to establish protected swimways to and from Cocos Islands’ ocean oasis.

This is hands-on environmental action at its best! However, conducting research at a remote location like Cocos requires large vessels and is expensive. To make this crucial work possible, you become citizen scientists. Your costs help pay the expedition’s cost, which includes counting and tagging sharks, taking photographs, and recording data.