Last week, President Obama finally said ‘no’ to the Keystone XL Pipeline. And by doing so he made a strong statement about climate change.

But more needs to be done…

…because climate change will impact the marine and coastal species that Turtle Island Restoration Network works to protect.


  • Rising sea levels may completely inundate critical nesting beaches for sea turtles like French Frigate Shoals in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands where 90 percent of the Hawaiian green sea turtle sub-population nests.
  • More frequent and intense storms threaten to wash away coho salmon nests in Northern California and further impact an imperiled population.
  • Warming ocean waters may force sharks to have to travel more widely in search of food causing significant changes in marine communities and ecosystems.

In December, world leaders are gathering in Paris to complete a new global climate agreement.

So, let’s add our voices to the call for bold action on the climate crisis.

Use the hashtag #EarthToParis on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to compel action for endangered marine and coastal species.

Here are a few you can feel free to use:

#EarthToParis We can prevent sea turtle nesting beaches from being flooded!

#EarthToParis Protect salmon nests from climate-caused superstorms!

#EarthToParis Warming ocean temps are bad for sharks and marine ecosystems!