Environmental conservation and restoration is a process that will require each and every one of us. That process starts with an understanding of the natural world.

Why Education Matters

Our vision is to have a critical-mass of people in communities all over the world share a common understanding of the intrinsic value of biodiversity and a permanent commitment to acting as wise, willing and able stewards of life in the Earth’s oceans and on its lands.

The actualization of this vision begins with education, by providing students with the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning of ecological concepts. We strive to forge connections with nature that will inspire curiosity, stewardship, and a deep understanding of the environment. These experiences will provide the next generation with the skills, knowledge, and passion that will allow them to advocate for the continued protection of our environment.

What We’re Doing

In the last decade, Turtle Island Restoration Network has reached more than 30,000 students and teachers in Texas to inform and inspire them about sea turtles and the Gulf ecosystem. Our past work with students and teachers includes introducing and passing a bill that made the Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle an official Texas state symbol, and each year we visit dozens of schools and youth groups with our friend ‘Rob the Ridley’ to share information about how to protect these vulnerable animals.

Click here to download a list of our Environmental Education Programs that we offer to public, private, at-home schools and other institutions.


Turtle Island Restoration Network supplies free lesson plans for teachers, providing an engaging way to teach students about our watersheds, oceans, and pollution. These plans have been developed for Texas teachers to use, and all materials needed are easy to find and the plans are aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) state standards. We also partner with Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary to bring ocean learning to life in your classroom through curriculum, lessons, activities, posters and more!

Watershed Lesson Plan
How our water use affects the world.

Litter Service Project
How our litter affects our environment.

Paint a Mural Reef
Types of animals that inhabit a coral reef environment.

Plastic, Plastic Everywhere!
Raising awareness of marine debris and its effect on our environment.