For Immediate Release: July 6, 2015


Preston Brown
Watershed Biologist
Turtle Island Restoration Network
Cell: (303) 877-0880 •

Marin County, Calif. (July 6, 2015) – Last week Turtle Island Restoration Network ‘s Salmon Protection And Watershed Network (SPAWN) teamed up with CA Fish & Wildlife biologists to rescue salmon trapped in drying pools including “Roy’s Pools,” located on the San Geronimo Golf Course and El Cerrito Creek, a small tributary of San Geronimo Creek.

Two Endangered coho salmon and 24 Threatened Steelhead smolts (1 ½ yr old fish that would have already migrated to sea) were rescued. Each fish was examined and measured before being placed in aerated coolers full of water. The fish were than transported downstream and released in areas where the creek is still flowing.

“The dwindling population of endangered salmon make salmon rescue vitally important to the survival of coho in Marin,” explained Preston Brown, watershed biologist for SPAWN. The drought makes this action even more necessary. Over the years, we have rescued over 10,000 salmon and trout,” he added.

The trapped fish rescued from Roy’s Pools were experiencing life-threatneing water conditions, as dissolved oxygen in the water measured 3.7 parts per million, a level considered unhealthy for fish.

“The heat wave and continued dropping water levels means the dissolved oxygen levels will continue to drop, making these rescue operations a life and death situation for endangered coho salmon and threatened steelhead trout, said Todd Steiner, biologist and executive dorector of Turtle Island Restoration Nework. We appreciate the help and cooperation of biologists Dan Resnik, Matt Erickson and George Neilands from CA Fish & Wildlife to make this rescue day a great success.”

Fish Rescue is conducted under endangered species permits issued from US National Marine Fisheries Service and California’s Department of Fish & Wildlife.

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