A fisherman reported to Sea Turtles Forever in Portland, Oregon, that he had seen a giant leatherback sea turtle:


August 5th 2009, 6 miles due west of Newport,Oregon. Turtle was in 42 fathoms and water was 52 degrees. Below is the report from the NW Leatherback hotline.

Attn. Marc Ward, I was reading the ODFW marine fishing report and came across a request for information about sightings of sea turtles.
On August 5th while fishing for coho we came across a large animal floating on the surface. After the inital suprise or shock we realized in was a turtle. The animal stuck its head up and looked at us and then went on about its busness. We were traveling a couse due west of the mouth of the Yaquina River bar in 253 feet of water. The temp. reading on my instruments was 56.1 degrees. We passed it about 25 to 30 feet away but I would estimate it was over eight feet long and over four feet across its back. It did have raised ridges on its back so my quess would be it was a leatherback turtle. First time I have came across such an animal in many years of fishing off the Oregon Coast.