Gulf Shrimpers Collecting Oil and Shrimp on the Same Day

By September 17, 2010Sea Turtles

Concerns over Gulf of Mexico seafood seem to be validated by this video clip below taken just outside the Mississippi River in late August. Shrimp boats dot the horizon, even before sunset, and while some are carrying BP booms to cleanup oil others are catching seafood for consumption.

Some Gulf shrimpers refuse to trawl for seafood, knowing there is oil lurking below the surface and they may be contributing to serving toxic seafood. Their reluctance is also due to the overwhelming media and U.S. agency response that the Gulf is no longer troubled by oil, and they know firsthand this is not the case.

As a sea turtle conservation advocate, I already have banned shrimp from my kitchen and ignore it when on a restaurant menu. Shrimp trawls kill hundreds of sea turtles a year! For millions of Gulf residents, they now must consider their own boycott of shrimp to save themselves.

To read more about current seafood and environmental sampling, visit the Louisiana Environmental Action Network.