Volunteer with us on the islands of Maui and Lanaʻi:

  • Snorkel with us, documenting the distribution, abundance and health of sea turtles and manta rays
  • Free diving to clean reefs of abandoned fishing gear
  • Beach cleanups on the 4th Sunday of every month to remove and document marine debris
  • Beach surveys for nesting and hatching sea turtles (May-December)
  • Dune restoration activities
  • Coastal surveys for basking sea turtles
  • Office duties (photo and data analyses) and outreach events

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We’re always looking for dedicated people to join our activities! Please fill out our Volunteer Form to help us evaluate how to best integrate you into our specialized work. Once we receive your application, please allow two weeks for evaluation.

Note: All training will be provided and you’ll be working closely with our team. We do not offer housing or transportation. We generally cannot sponsor you or help with obtaining U.S. visas. Unless you’re a visiting family who wants to volunteer on vacation or a local high school student, you must be 21 years or older. Vacationers are welcome at beach cleanups and on dune restoration days and possibly other projects, but we’ll need a multi-day commitment to other activities that require training since that’s rather time-consuming. Nature is often unpredictable, plus activities vary due to ocean conditions and other events, so please allow scheduling flexibility.

Mahalo for your interest!


Please join us on the 4th Sunday of every month (9am-noon). Let’s keep Kaʻehu free of marine debris and research what washes ashore. This beautiful sandy/rocky coastline gets inundated with marine debris from all over the Pacific. These items can be deadly ingestion and entanglement hazards to animals of all sizes. Come lend a hand for a few hours of fun and exercise. Just bring a re-usable water bottle, and wear sun protection plus sturdy shoes. All supplies and snacks provided. More information: www.SHARKastics.org

2018 volunteer dates for Kaʻehu cleanups:

Jan 28
Feb 25
March 25
April 22
May 27
June 24
July 22
Aug 26
Sept 23
Oct 28
Nov 25
Dec 23

Volunteers sort through tiny pieces of plastic and foam they found during a Kaʻehu beach cleanup.


Coming in 2018: TIRN’s first Hawaiʻi ecotour!

Not able to volunteer but would like to help our efforts? Please consider donating. Mahalo!

Top Photo: Bruce Weyermann