As far as I’m concerned, films about sea turtles are a “no brainer.”  These mysterious ocean voyagers have an amazing story to share with landlubbers and terrestrial species.  Learn more about sea turtles, or spend a short time swimming with them, and you’ll want to help these ancient creatures overcome the perils of the modern world.  You’ll want them to survive.


There are documentaries like Last Voyage of the Leatherback and Disney’s “Finding Nemo” that included Crush, a Sea Turtle Duuuude! who surfed the ocean’s currents, but not one feature length film that has hit the mainstream theaters.  Why hasn’t a feature length film introduced the masses to sea turtles?  I have no clue, I’m speechless, I just don’t get it.  That, however, may finally be about to change!

Turtle: The Incredible Journey, which tracks the journey of a loggerhead turtle across the Atlantic Ocean, has scored a wide release in England and may becoming to a theaters in the U.S. next year.

The star of the film is a loggerhead named FeeBee that was released off the Florida coast in 2008 as part of a project led by one of the world’s leading turtle biologists and the film’s key science consultant, Professor Jeanette Wyneken from the Florida Atlantic University.

Click here to watch the trailer and then call your local theater to tell them you want to see it on the big screen!