Kemp’s ridley donations closing on the goal!

By September 4, 2008Sea Turtles

A few weeks ago, it looked as though the funding for the 2009 beach patrols on the upper Texas coast would be short by $50,000. This deficit would eliminate many important patrols of trained individuals looking for Kemp’s ridley sea turtle nesters and hatchlings.

But something amazing happened! A prominent Houston attorney who owns a home in the Galveston area decided that he would take action to restore the funding. The idea that the patrols would be cut disgusted Mr. Joe Jamail, well known in many courtrooms.

He challenged sea turtle conservationists to match his personal contribution of $25,000 which would restore the amount needed for the 2009 patrolling season. The good news is that the goal of an additional $25,000 has almost been met. STRP members came up with almost $3,000 as have members of the Houston Zoo. Many other contributions, large and small, have been pouring into the Galveston campus of Texas A&M University.

We are grateful and appreciative for the interest of so many people who understand the need for patrols on the upper Texas coast now that a nesting population of Kemp’s ridleys is calling it home. Thanks to everyone!