On Thursday, we filed a lawsuit to compel the U.S. government to act on a petition we filed more than a year ago to create critical habitat for Pacific leatherbacks along the California and Oregon coasts and uplist the Pacific loggerhead from threatened to endangered.  We had to do this because the government has failed to act — even after we gave them several months of extensions beyond their legal duty to act within a year, missing deadline after deadline. Instead of action, all we got were excuses, so we figured it was time for a federal judge to step in and order the government to take action.

We also wanted to put pressure on the Obama administration to begin to pay attention to the crisis our ocean face from overfishing, pollution and climate change.  If we are to save the Pacific loggerheads and leatherbacks, the Obama administration needs to change the current course that was set by former President Bush. Otherwise, we will lose these magnificent animals in our lifetime, and leave our children with a dying planet.

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