Late last year, we learned that the owners of the San Geronimo Valley Golf Course needed to sell the property and we began negotiations to purchase the golf course with the purpose of transforming it back into wildlands to support the recovery of endangered coho salmonRead the full history here: SPAWN History & Projects at the San Geronimo Golf Course [pdf].

We informed Supervisor Dennis Rodoni of our intentions and Marin County decided it would take over direct negotiations to acquire the golf course as County Open Space.

Local entities are now coming together to show their support for Marin County’s decision to acquire the San Geronimo Golf Course and restore it to its wild state. You can also show your local support by sending a letter to Marin County supervisors.

“The acquisition of the San Geronimo Valley Golf Course by Marin County could be a cornerstone for restoration in the upper watershed of Lagunitas Creek.”

We, at Turtle Island Restoration Network, would like to express our appreciation for the support from the following organizations. Read their letters to Marin County Supervisors below:

  1. Lagunitas Creek Technical Advisory Committee [pdf] (Letter approved by vote of 18 governmental and non-governmental organizations, see letter for list.)
  2. California State Senator Mike McGuire [pdf]
  3. Center for Biological Diversity [pdf]
  4. Point Blue Conservation Science [pdf]
  5. Marin Conservation League [pdf]
  6. Sierra Club Marin Group [pdf]
  7. San Geronimo Valley Affordable Housing Association [pdf]
  8. San Geronimo Valley Planning Group [pdf]
  9. River Otter Ecology Project [pdf]
  10. San Francisco Bay Joint Venture [pdf]
  11. CalTrout [pdf]
  12. Marin Environmental Educators [pdf]
  13. Wilderness Way [pdf]
  14. West Marin Environmental Action Committee [pdf]
  15. Tamalpais Conservation Club [pdf]
  16. Marin County Young Democrats [pdf]
  17. Broom Service [pdf]
  18. Our Letter – Turtle Island Restoration Network [pdf]

Support for Golf Course

Please be a part of this local movement to protect an endangered species by sending an email to your supervisor to help them feel confident in making the best decision for all of Marin.