Monarchs of Marin Exhibition Highlighted

By February 22, 2023February 24th, 2023California, Monarch, Native Plant Nursery

Audrey Fusco, Nursery Manager & Restoration Ecologist, was part of a collaborative effort to produce the “Return of the Western Monarch”, showcasing the efforts to help the population of monarchs in the area. Monarchs breed and overwinter in Marin, and their population has come back in stronger numbers, due to habitat enhancement and re-establishment. After dwindling numbers, Audrey helped play a role in the resurgence of monarch populations in the county, with multiple efforts and programs spearheaded.

The “Return of the Western Monarch” invites the community to come and learn about the efforts to help fight the threat of extinction of monarchs. The exhibition was highlighted in the Pacific Sun, exploring the iconic Western Monarch Butterfly, as well as their need for native nectar plants.

SPAWN helps promote the creation of healthy habitat for monarchs in Marin, and resources can be found on the Native Plant Nursery page on our website.

The “Return of the Western Monarch” is an exhibition at Marin Art and Garden Center, located in Ross, CA, from March 17 through April 30.