In April 2017, President Trump issued an Executive Order that calls for a review of all national monuments created or expanded in the past two decades. This includes five important marine monuments.

Turtle Island strongly opposes the Executive Order.

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This week we are highlighting the fifth of these five monuments to help people understand the value and importance of these national treasures.

Today we will focus on the Northeast Canyons & Seamounts Marine National Monument.

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, on the edges of the Georges Bank and 130 miles from Cape Cod, this marine national monument covers approximately 4,913 square miles in area.

TheĀ Northeast Canyons & Seamounts Marine National Monument is home to underwater canyons and seamounts including Bear, Mytilus, Physalia, and Retriever Seamounts and Oceanographer, Lydonia, and Gilbert canyons.


The Northeast Canyons & Seamounts Marine National Monument also provides habitat to a number of marine species such as:

  • Kemp’s ridley sea turtles,
  • Sperm, fin, and sei whales, and
  • deep sea corals.


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