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    Three Restoration Grants Totaling $665,237 Go to Salmon Projects in Marin

    March 2nd, 2015

    The California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Fisheries Restoration Grant Program (FRGP) has announced 2015 funding totaling $665,237 for three projects all located in West Marin’s critical Lagunitas Creek Watershed. Turtle Island Restoration Network’s Salmon Protection And Watershed Network (SPAWN) program was awarded two of the three grants, with the third grant going to the Marin Municipal Water District.

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    It’s Now Or Never for Critically Endangered Coho Salmon in Marin County

    July 27th, 2010

    Recognized to be the keystone to recovery of extirpated populations along the entire Central California coast, the largest remaining wild-run of these magnificent fish is now teetering on the brink of extinction in Marin County’s Lagunitas Creek Watershed.

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    New Water Conservation Partnership Between SPAWN and MMWD Will Promote Rainwater Harvesting in Marin

    December 3rd, 2009

    San Geronimo–Fourteen water cisterns, ranging in size from 300 to 3,000 gallons arrived today in San Geronimo as SPAWN, the Salmon Protection And Watershed Network announced its new 10,000 Raingardens Project “Our program is designed to help both our creeks and residents,” said Paola Bouley, SPAWN’s Conservation Director. She continued, “These projects help protect the environment in multiple ways while conserving water from our reservoirs for drinking and household use.

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    The Salmon Enhancement Plan: Why San Geronimo Valley Salmon Need Our Support

    October 7th, 2009

    The County has released the draft San Geronimo Valley Salmon Enhancement Plan (SEP) for public comment and it is important to highlight some basic facts about this plan. The SEP was produced by highly qualified scientific consultants, hired by the County, to review the biological data on endangered coho, and existing habitat conditions for the salmon in the San Geronimo Valley (SGV), and to make recommendations for pulling this species back from the brink of extinction.

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    SPAWN reports indicate coho salmon populations in Marin survive driest conditions on record!

    September 29th, 2009

    San Geronimo, Marin County, CA– The summer sun beats down on Marin County creeks as endangered coho salmon in the San Geronimo Valley are fighting to survive through another drought-stricken year. A series of reports released today by the Marin’s watershed organization, SPAWN, the Salmon Protection And Watershed Network, documents that coho salmon, who normally only spend their first 1.5 years of life in local creeks, were locked in drying streams and inhibited from migrating to sea during last year’s spring drought of record


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