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    Three Restoration Grants Totaling $665,237 Go to Salmon Projects in Marin

    March 2nd, 2015

    The California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Fisheries Restoration Grant Program (FRGP) has announced 2015 funding totaling $665,237 for three projects all located in West Marin’s critical Lagunitas Creek Watershed. Turtle Island Restoration Network’s Salmon Protection And Watershed Network (SPAWN) program was awarded two of the three grants, with the third grant going to the Marin Municipal Water District.

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    Harvesting Stormwater, Saving our Endangered Salmon and Creeks

    November 20th, 2006

    A new kind of "creek friendly" project designed to protect local salmon populations will be unveiled this week at the Lagunitas School in Marin County, CA, with a ribbon-cutting attended by students and staff of the school, volunteers and the Marin-based non-profit, the Salmon Protection and Watershed Network.

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    New Consumer Pesticide Warnings Will Protect Salmon

    July 8th, 2006

    Thousands Of Home And Garden Stores To Carry. Home and garden stores up and down the West Coast will warn consumers of the dangers to salmon posed by seven common pesticides. Last week, "Salmon Hazard" signs were distributed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as part of a legal settlement with consumer and salmon advocates.

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    Bay Area Coho Salmon Listing Changed to Endangered

    June 18th, 2005

    New rules under the Endangered Species Act have changed the status of Central California Coast (CCC) coho salmon to the more protective “endangered” status from it previous “threatened” listing. The review of Endangered Species Act status for all West Coast salmon and steelhead and the new hatchery policy were prompted by a 2001 federal court ruling that required consideration of artificially spawned fish from a hatchery.

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    County of Marin Denied Rehearing on its Violations of CEQA

    February 8th, 2005

    California Court of Appeals Consents to Conservationists Request to Publish Important Decision. San Francisco, CA– After a unanimous decision by the California Court of Appeals confirming its violation of CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) in the “SPAWN et al vs the County of Marin and Josh Hedlund” in December 2004, the County of Marin petitioned the Court for a rehearing which was denied on January 18, 2005.


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