Ocean Acidification

Do you know what Ocean Acidification is? Scientists are raising concern for the future of our oceans. Oceans absorbing atmospheric carbon is causing ocean acidification, or the acidification of ocean water. How do you think this will impact all of our favorite ocean species?

Salmon & Steelhead Spawner Update

A total of 15 nests (called “redds”) have been counted on Arroyo creek and 16 redds have been counted on Woodacre creek, for a total of 31 confirmed redds so far this season.

Redwood Creek Walk Tours are Here!

Winter creek walks are here! SPAWN-trained naturalists lead creek walks to explore the majesty of the Lagunitas Creek Watershed. Tours explore our watershed and teach participants about the ecology of our endangered native population of coho salmon.

Propagating Redwoods from Cuttings

We are deep into redwood season. Our efforts this month have been concentrated on redwood seed collection followed by seeding in our nursery greenhouse and in

What are You Thankful For?

Thanksgiving is a great time to think about what you are thankful for and reflect on the year.
At Turtle Island Restoration Network, we are thankful for you – our members and supporters!

Marin Academy Students Raise Funds to Grow Redwood Trees in Bay Area Classrooms

Marin Academy High School Students Alex Paff and Katie Joyce volunteered with the Salmon Protection And Watershed Network (SPAWN), and became passionate about the 10,000 Redwoods Project, which aims to plant 10,000 redwoods in the greater San Francisco Bay Area to help fight climate change. Together the two dedicated volunteers were able to raise a total of $1,600, as well as valuable supplies, like shade cloth, to help grow redwood trees.

Marin Academy Students Raise Funds for our 10,000 Redwoods Project

Alex Paff and Katie Joyce are both Seniors at Marin Academy who were introduced to SPAWN through their high school biology teacher Liz Gottlieb. This summer, they volunteered with SPAWN and became passionate about the 10,000 Redwoods Project, which aims to plant 10,000 redwoods in the greater San Francisco Bay Area to help fight climate change.

How Fast Do Coast Redwoods Grow?

Have you ever wondered how long it take a redwood to reach its towering heights? We are often asked ‘How Fast Do Redwood Trees Grow?’ by students and visitors, so here’s our answer in a blog.

Collecting Native Plant Seeds for Habitat Restoration

SPAWN’s habitat restoration crew and native plant nursery staff have spent the last few months collecting plant seeds from diverse habitats throughout the Lagunitas Creek Watershed. These seeds are collected for use in our habitat restoration projects, and are from areas where we have permission and permits. Native seeds and plants play a critical role in restoring watershed lands by providing wildlife habitat, reducing the spread of invasive plants, and stabilizing slopes that could be prone to erosion.

Meet SPAWN’s Native Plant Nursery Manager Audrey Fusco

Audrey Fusco has followed her passion for land stewardship and gardening around the globe. Whether researching urban gardens used to grow food, called organiponicos, in Cuba, helping to restore beaches in Florida, or restoring Redwood Creek watershed to protect coho salmon habitat at at Green Gulch Farms, Audrey stays true to her core belief to live a simple life in alignment with nature. Now, SPAWN is excited to welcome Audrey to our team as our Native Plant Nursery Manager.

Top Four Benefits of Creekside Corridors

Creekside corridors are naturally vegetated lands along rivers and streams. When appropriately sized, these areas can reduce flooding, limit property loss from stream bank erosion, filter and settle out pollutants, and protect aquatic and terrestrial habitat.

Science in the Redwoods

Science in the Redwoods: We just had the 4th graders from Rise Community School in Oakland join us for an adventure filled day surveying the health of Lagunitas creek.

Redwoods: the Icon of Action

Redwoods are the ideal icon for climate action. Check out this easy-to-read infographic that gives you all the information you need to know.

SPAWN Provides Redwood Education to Oakland Students from Brothers on the Rise

Turtle Island’s SPAWN wrapped up a three-day redwood and outdoor education experience for underserved students from Oakland, Calif. f Brothers on the Rise, a non-profit whose mission addresses the great need for broad-based implementation of preventive, empowerment pipeline programs for boys and young men of color.