Turtle Island Restoration Network recognizes that we cannot protect the oceans and marine wildlife by ourselves.

We count on numerous caring people to join us in winning better protections for our oceans and coasts.

Over the next several weeks, we are highlighting a few of those individuals who are stepping up to the plate to help us win a phase-out of the deadly California driftnet fishery by educating the public and gathering signatures in support of the phase out.

Chris Winn

Today, we will be celebrating Chris Winn.


Why are the oceans important to you?

Because our body’s PH, salt level, and mineral content matches the ocean’s exactly.  In short, we are the oceans and they are us in more than just a metaphysical way.

Why are you personally gathering signatures?

Two reasons.  First, I have been an wildlife interpreter or volunteer for nearly every group in the bay area.  Gathering cards is merely doing that same type of work with folks who may never go to a wildlife center, aquarium or natural place.  Its fun to expose them to that part of California even though they may be at antique car show at the time.  Second, I never like to see a bill that I care about get voted on in Sacramento without knowing I have done everything possible to insure its passage.

What’s the best reaction you’ve gotten from a signer?

Best is always having one person in a group sign and that person being so enthusiastic that they hand the clipboard to each of their friends in turn to get signature from them all then the whole group thanking me as they go on with their day.

Anything else you want to add?

Both with Turtle Island Restoration Network and similar groups, we Californians have helped pass a string of important wildlife legislation related to shark fins, ivory and sea turtles just to name a few.  Lets keep up the good work and never relent.