Due to overharvesting, only five percent of the original old-growth coast redwood trees remain. The loss of coastal redwoods in California impacts critically endangered coho salmon and other species.

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November 9, 2018

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Largest Dam Removal Project In the World Underway On the Klamath River

| Coho Salmon, Salmon | No Comments
Written by Preston Brown, Photos Courtesy of the Klamath River Renewal Corporation Roughly 350 miles north of Lagunitas Creek in northern California, the largest dam removal project to-date in the…

Big Thank You to The Pasha Group for Volunteering with SPAWN!

| California, Native Plant Nursery | No Comments
A group of 25 volunteers joined us from The Pasha Group, a transportation business headquartered in San Rafael, to help remove invasive plants from our Tocaloma floodplain restoration site on…

Smolt Migration Update Looking Positive

| California, Coho Salmon, Salmon | No Comments
It has been an amazing season so far for smolt migration out of the San Geronimo Creek Watershed and the Lagunitas Watershed as a whole. We're close to a total…

SPAWN Highlighted in Local News

| California, Salmon | No Comments
The efforts of SPAWN in the North Bay were recently highlighted in the local news! CBS News’ Kenny Choi visited Marin County to see the work being performed, and SPAWN’s…

SPAWN Featured in Local Panel Discussion

| California, Monarch, Native Plant Nursery | No Comments
Monarchs breed and overwinter in Marin, and their population has come back in stronger numbers, due to habitat enhancement and re-establishment. Audrey Fusco, Nursery Manager & Restoration Ecologist, played a…

Gardening for Western Monarchs and Other Butterflies

| California, Native Plant Nursery, Native Plant Resources | No Comments