Turtle Island rePiper 476x476 IMG_2749lies on the generous support of our members and fans, which make our wildlife protection campaigns possible. And when one of our newest donors turned out to be 12 years old, we knew something wonderful was happening.

Meet Piper. After learning about the threats to sea turtles for an elementary school assignment, Piper decided to create a fundraiser to help save them, and chose Turtle Island Restoration Network as the beneficiary. And as you might imagine, her project was a massive success.

Her mother, Marci, recently shared Piper’s dream. “She’s a crafter,” Marci said. “She’s making stuffed octopuses and sea turtles to sell and raise money for Turtle Island.”

Piper 465x465 image2Piper spent weeks crafting her menagerie, and the number of octopuses and sea turtles grew. These were not your ordinary, stuffed toys. Thanks to Piper’s drive and determination, she was cranking out colorful and playful plush products with plenty of personality. And Piper has plenty of personality to pass on. Often, she was spotted at her worktable sporting bunny ears.

Piper started selling her aquatic pets through Facebook and at her school. And she drove her fledgling enterprise to new levels by convincing a local San Francisco bank to let her set up shop to sell her goods, and pass out Turtle Island literature. By the time Piper’s project ended, she had raised $650 for Turtle Island!

It is with the incredible work of donors like Piper that Turtle Island is able to continue making a difference for sea turtles and other endangered marine animals across the world. Thank you Piper, for all you have done for us!

Our members have sold lemonade, held garage sales,  and crafted ocean wildlife, all to help save sea turtles! Raising funds for sea turtles is a great summer project for kids and families. To donate to Turtle Island, please visit our donation page. Or contact us for ideas at info@seaturtles.org .