The violations and mitigation payments charged to Formosa Plastics has climbed over $2.25 million for the plastic company, for continuously discharging plastics. A portion of Formosa’s treated wastewater is sampled by a wastewater sampling device called the WSM, before it is piped to Lavaca Bay in Texas. $20,000 in payments is required for each day Formosa illegally discharges plastics. Since March of this year alone, the company has had 110 discharges.

Two studies by scientists for the International Pollutants Elimination Network revealed toxic chemical additives and pollutants are found in the discharged pellets from Formosa. These pose significant threats to human health and ecosystems throughout their life cycles.

Health effects include causing cancer or changing hormone activity, which can lead to further problems, including reproductive, growth, and cognitive impairment. There are several other health impacts caused by these toxic chemical additives, as well as impacts on the environment.

The chemicals found in Formosa Plastics’ discharged pellets were 10 ultraviolet (UV) stabilizers and 13 polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). Of the locations with samples tested, half had PCB levels that were highly or extremely polluted. The pellets also included UV stabilizers at low levels, as well as PCBs.

These plastic violations continue to negatively affect the environment and the communities the plastics are illegally discharged in. In 2022, payment amounts will be raised to $25,000 per day for discharges.